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Approach & Costs

Welcome to the Sober Plan!

Welcome to the Sober Plan!

If you are considering coaching to help you take control of your drinking, you’ll be wondering how it works and how much it costs.

First off, I am not a counsellor, so we won’t be looking at psychological models of addiction from Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud’s theory of how the mind works!

My role as a Sober Coach is to provide guidance, accountability and support by helping you to develop healthy habits, navigate challenges and set goals. We’ll plan how you will overcome situations where you’d normally drink, plan what to tell people, plan alternatives, plan to overcome triggers, plan treats, and look at new ways of thinking until your new life starts to happen naturally.

Possibly my greatest value is that I have been exactly where you are now and, through hard work, a clear plan and a lot of support and great tools, I have successfully lived alcohol free for over 5 years. I never thought I could give up booze – I tried and failed so many times – but I proved it is possible (and totally wonderful) to be free of the guilt, shame and worry.

Everyone is different and I don’t take a one size fits all view. Your lifestyle and relationships are unique to you, so we’ll create a plan that responds to your own relationship with alcohol and, importantly, what a happy life looks like to you.

My programme

My six-week programme will ask you to commit to a call each week. I will ask you to fully engage in our discussions and to work with me to plan for all eventualities, to share your thoughts and feelings, and to be open to making positive changes as we go.

In addition to our calls, we’ll message to keep things on track, and I will always be on hand if you need SOS support.


The cost of my one-to-one 6-week support programme is £600.

If you would like to know more, please book a free consultation with me and I can answer any questions might have.

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