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One-to-One coaching

I offer one-to-one confidential coaching to women through online calls and messaging.

One-to-One mentoring

I offer one-to-one confidential mentoring to women through online calls and messaging.

One-to-one coaching

I offer one-to-one confidential coaching to professional women through online calls and messaging.

I have been right where you are now, desperate to get free from the grip drinking has on you but coming up with a hundred reasons why now isn’t the right time (Christmas, stress, holidays) or maybe even thinking it’s worth one last stab at moderation. I’m guessing moderation hasn’t worked before and believe me when I say I tried it for years but, and I hope you’re ready to hear this, it doesn’t work.

I will work with you to help you to change how you think and feel about drinking. You will be asked to commit to not drinking each day and to engage with activities that will give you the tools you need to get to really enjoy alcohol free living.

We will look at your triggers, how to overcome them, how to deal with stress, anger, and boredom when your go to remedy of a bottle of wine is no longer the right choice. You’ll get comfortable with enjoying thoughts and feelings without using alcohol to block them. More than anything, we’ll get you free and living your life to the max, whatever it throws at you!

This is a 6-week programme with an online weekly call – to set up the week and to prepare for the weekend – backed up by messaging and SOS support.

If you are ready to look at a new way of living, please get in touch.

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