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My Story

For many years I was a very happy drinker… until I wasn’t!

My Story

For many years I was a very happy drinker… until I wasn’t!

The Sober Plan story

For many years I was a very happy drinker, I knew I had a reputation for hitting it hard, but life was fun, and I surrounded myself with fellow hedonists.

I was a happy drunk, unlikely to cause a fight and far more likely to secretly scurry off to bed and pass out when I’d had too much. I completed triathlons, loved work and enjoyed a great marriage – I persuaded myself that everyone drank too much, I deserved it right?

It was in my 40s that I noticed a change in my drinking. I was thinking about it far too often and the constant chatter in my head was getting louder.

I tried so many things to moderate my drinking with varying degrees of success. I only drank Friday to Sunday, used a smaller glass, only drank beer, read hundreds of books, and went cold turkey to reset my habits, but inevitably, always ended up back where I started.

I noticed I needed to drink more just to feel the same. I always managed Dry January which I took as proof I could moderate, but it was a bare-knuckle ride to the bottle of red on 1 February. And the cycle was back in action, full swing.

I was getting sick of thinking about my drinking, feeling under par, carrying too much wine weight, sleeping badly, forgetting what I’d said the night before, and generally missing out on life because booze came first and, increasingly, after the first glass all bets were off.

I never hit the fabled rock bottom, I was just exhausted from going around and around on the same old hamster wheel. Drunk, regret, guilt, shame, repeat.

So, I set about creating my own sober plan!

I made it my mission to get on top of my drinking by understanding why I did it and, importantly, how I could give up with as little pain as possible!

I read every book I could find about women who had stopped drinking, I actively engaged in forums and took notes from women who had cracked it, and those who were struggling. I worked hard to understand what alcohol was and wasn’t giving me. I talked to friends and family who were honest with me, their tough love was uncomfortable sometimes but each of them played a part in where I am now. Alcohol free, in control, healthy and very happy!

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