How to avoid drinking at work events

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I’m working with a brilliant woman who is within touching distance of 100 alcohol free days … she is feeling focussed and healthy and is a sober planning champ!

So, what could possibly go wrong? 🤷‍♀️

When an invitation to her company’s anniversary party dropped – open bar, champagne fountain, cocktail station – we made a plan. Plan A, contact the event organiser to check there would be alcohol free alternatives. Simples! Disappointing response of ‘It’s a PARTY’ didn’t put her off and she finally got reassurance.

Fast forward to the big night and it’s fizz on arrival, no alternative. The open bar offered warm orange juice or water. The cocktail station? Booze or nothing.

It brought back memories of my early days of quitting drinking when the hotel I stayed at for work proudly gave me two vouchers for cocktails on the roof top bar. What a treat! Well, it would have been, but the vouchers couldn’t be used for mocktails, those bad boys had to be paid for. 🙄

So, back to the party. BrilliantWoman™️ felt overwhelmed and vulnerable and decided it was time to carry out her plan B, if it all gets too much, protect her sobriety and leave.

Seriously employers 📣, this is rubbish! This isn’t just about one person’s story—it’s a sign of a bigger problem lurking in your office parties. We’re in an age where well-being is the new black, so how about embracing the concept of alcohol-free fun?

Quitting booze can be challenging; it takes time, determination and commitment to develop new habits. Five plus years ago, I made it my mission to get on top of my drinking by understanding why I did it and, importantly, how I could give up with as little pain as possible!

It worked and now, as an accredited Sober Coach, I support professional women who are curious about enjoying an alcohol-free life. If that’s you, please just drop me a line.


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