2,000 days sober

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I don’t really count my alcohol-free days anymore but curiosity led me to click on to the app I used at the beginning and ‘2,000 drink free days’ leapt right back at me. And the app had more gems to share:

💰‘Money saved: £20,000’. Twenty. Thousand. Pounds! 

I’d never really considered how much I spent on booze as it pretty much came under essential expenditure, right up there with having to pay the gas bill, but that is a lot of money!

We sober crew are evangelists for a booze-free life, harping on about our sparkly faces and superior liver function, but this milestone made me think about what those gains really look like.

💩 Sh*t still happens 

Big challenges still happen but now I deal with them rationally rather than turning to booze to wash the upset, worry or irritations away. And it is so much easier to ride out stress with a clear head; I make better decisions, trust my judgement and let things go. 

😴 ALL the ZZZs 

Seems I don’t have insomnia after all! Wine might be good for getting off to sleep but I’d be awake by 4am, dehydrated and anxious, and promising myself that I’d learn to moderate.  Now I can’t get my PJs on fast enough and dive under the duvet knowing that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep awaits and that I’ll wake up, energised and stress-free. 

😳 No more shame

I still shudder when I remember some of my drunken escapades. Too many “wish I hadn’t done that” moments, over-sharing and making poor decisions –  knowing it’s all in the past will never get old. 

🙃 A face I know

I hardly recognise myself in my ‘before’ pic – red-faced, baggy-eyed and bloated. Seems I didn’t have Rosacea after all! I used to be embarrassed about looking like a boozer but thoughts and prayers for the cosmetics industry – I spent £hundreds trying to hide my shame!

😃️ My trousers fit!

I’ve been physically active all my life but even training for triathlons didn’t shift the wine stone I lugged around. My nickname was Rasputin after the Russian who kept going despite being poisoned because I’d still complete a race even with the devil’s own hangover. I’ll still never make the winners’ podium but I love the natural high from physical challenges and especially now my Tri suit is two sizes smaller!

So many gains from giving up drinking – my health, my marriage, my friendships. And the downsides? Well, according to the fabulous @Justin Bone turns out nearly all the sober people were in bed and missed the Northern Lights a few weeks ago but that’s the only disadvantage we can come up with!

Five plus years (2,000 days!) after calling time on drinking, I am an accredited Sober Coach, supporting professional women who are curious about enjoying an alcohol-free life. So, if you want to start planning for a 2,000th celebration, please get in touch with me.

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